Creating a VPC for a data source connector - Amazon Athena

Creating a VPC for a data source connector

Some Athena data source connectors require a VPC and a security group. This topic shows you how to create a VPC with a subnet and a security group for the VPC. As part of this process, you retrieve the IDs for the VPC, subnet, and security group that you create. These IDs are required when you configure your connector for use with Athena.

To create a VPC for an Athena data source connector
  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Amazon VPC console at

  2. Choose Create VPC.

  3. On the Create VPC page, under VPC Settings, for Resources to create, choose VPC and more.

  4. Under Name tag auto-generation, for Auto-generate, enter a value that will be used to generate name tags for all resources in your VPC.

  5. Choose Create VPC.

  6. When the process completes, choose View VPC.

  7. In the Details section, for VPC ID, copy your VPC ID for later reference.

Now you are ready to retrieve the subnet ID for the VPC that you just created.

To retrieve your VPC subnet ID
  1. In the VPC console navigation pane, choose Subnets.

  2. Select the name of a subnet whose VPC column has the VPC ID that you noted.

  3. In the Details section, for Subnet ID, copy your subnet ID for later reference.

Next, you create a security group for your VPC.

To create a security group for your VPC
  1. In the VPC console navigation pane, choose Security, Security Groups.

  2. Choose Create security group.

  3. On the Create security group page, enter the following information:

    • For Security group name, enter a name for your security group.

    • For Description, enter a description for the security group. A description is required.

    • For VPC, choose the VPC ID of the VPC that you created for your data source connector.

    • For Inbound rules and Outbound rules, add any inbound and outbound rules that you require.

  4. Choose Create security group.

  5. On the Details page for the security group, copy the Security group ID for later reference.