Configure Athena to use a deployed Hive metastore connector - Amazon Athena

Configure Athena to use a deployed Hive metastore connector

After you have deployed a Lambda data source connector like AthenaHiveMetastoreFunction to your account, you can configure Athena to use it. To do so, you create a data source name that refers to your external Hive metastore to use in your Athena queries.

To connect Athena to your Hive metastore using an existing Lambda function
  1. Open the Athena console at

  2. If the console navigation pane is not visible, choose the expansion menu on the left.

    Choose the expansion menu.
  3. Choose Data sources.

  4. On the Data sources page, choose Create data source.

  5. On the Choose a data source page, for Data sources, choose S3 - Apache Hive metastore.

  6. Choose Next.

  7. In the Data source details section, for Data source name, enter the name that you want to use in your SQL statements when you query the data source from Athena (for example, MyHiveMetastore). The name can be up to 127 characters and must be unique within your account. It cannot be changed after you create it. Valid characters are a-z, A-Z, 0-9, _ (underscore), @ (at sign) and - (hyphen). The names awsdatacatalog, hive, jmx, and system are reserved by Athena and cannot be used for data source names.

  8. In the Connection details section, use the Select or enter a Lambda function box to choose the name of the function that you just created. The ARN of the Lambda function displays.

  9. (Optional) For Tags, add key-value pairs to associate with this data source. For more information about tags, see Tagging Athena resources.

  10. Choose Next.

  11. On the Review and create page, review the data source details, and then choose Create data source.

  12. The Data source details section of the page for your data source shows information about your new connector.

    You can now use the Data source name that you specified to reference the Hive metastore in your SQL queries in Athena.

    In your SQL queries, use the following example syntax, replacing ehms-catalog with the data source name that you specified earlier.

    SELECT * FROM ehms-catalog.CustomerData.customers
  13. To view, edit, or delete the data sources that you create, see Managing data sources.