List of preinstalled Python libraries - Amazon Athena

List of preinstalled Python libraries

Preinstalled Python libraries include the following.

boto3==1.24.31 botocore==1.27.31 certifi==2022.6.15 charset-normalizer==2.1.0 cycler==0.11.0 cython==0.29.30 docutils==0.19 fonttools==4.34.4 idna==3.3 jmespath==1.0.1 joblib==1.1.0 kiwisolver==1.4.4 matplotlib==3.5.2 mpmath==1.2.1 numpy==1.23.1 packaging==21.3 pandas==1.4.3 patsy==0.5.2 pillow==9.2.0 plotly==5.9.0 pmdarima==1.8.5 pyathena==2.9.6 pyparsing==3.0.9 python-dateutil==2.8.2 pytz==2022.1 requests==2.28.1 s3transfer==0.6.0 scikit-learn==1.1.1 scipy==1.8.1 seaborn==0.11.2 six==1.16.0 statsmodels==0.13.2 sympy==1.10.1 tenacity==8.0.1 threadpoolctl==3.1.0 urllib3==1.26.10 pyarrow==9.0.0


  • MLlib (Apache Spark machine learning library) and the package are not supported.

  • Currently, pip install is not supported in Athena for Spark sessions.

For information on importing Python libraries to Amazon Athena for Apache Spark, see Importing files and Python libraries to Amazon Athena for Apache Spark.