August 23, 2018 - Amazon Athena

August 23, 2018

Published on 2018-08-23

Added support for these DDL-related features and fixed several bugs, as follows:

  • Added support for BINARY and DATE data types for data in Parquet, and for DATE and TIMESTAMP data types for data in Avro.

  • Added support for INT and DOUBLE in DDL queries. INTEGER is an alias to INT, and DOUBLE PRECISION is an alias to DOUBLE.

  • Improved performance of DROP TABLE and DROP DATABASE queries.

  • Removed the creation of _$folder$ object in Amazon S3 when a data bucket is empty.

  • Fixed an issue where ALTER TABLE ADD PARTITION threw an error when no partition value was provided.

  • Fixed an issue where DROP TABLE ignored the database name when checking partitions after the qualified name had been specified in the statement.

For more about the data types supported in Athena, see Data Types.

For information about supported data type mappings between types in Athena, the JDBC driver, and Java data types, see the "Data Types" section in the JDBC Driver Installation and Configuration Guide.