September 19, 2019 - Amazon Athena

September 19, 2019

Published on 2019-12-17

Amazon Athena adds support for inserting new data to an existing table using the INSERT INTO statement. You can insert new rows into a destination table based on a SELECT query statement that runs on a source table, or based on a set of values that are provided as part of the query statement. Supported data formats include Avro, JSON, ORC, Parquet, and text files.

INSERT INTO statements can also help you simplify your ETL process. For example, you can use INSERT INTO in a single query to select data from a source table that is in JSON format and write to a destination table in Parquet format.

INSERT INTO statements are charged based on the number of bytes that are scanned in the SELECT phase, similar to how Athena charges for SELECT queries. For more information, see Amazon Athena pricing.

For more information about using INSERT INTO, including supported formats, SerDes and examples, see INSERT INTO in the Athena User Guide.