Amazon Athena
User Guide

Examples of Views

To show the syntax of the view query, use SHOW CREATE VIEW.

Example 1

Consider the following two tables: a table employees with two columns, id and name, and a table salaries, with two columns, id and salary.

In this example, we create a view named name_salary as a SELECT query that obtains a list of IDs mapped to salaries from the tables employees and salaries:

CREATE VIEW name_salary AS SELECT, salaries.salary FROM employees, salaries WHERE =

Example 2

In the following example, we create a view named view1 that enables you to hide more complex query syntax.

This view runs on top of two tables, table1 and table2, where each table is a different SELECT query. The view selects all columns from table1 and joins the results with table2. The join is based on column a that is present in both tables.

CREATE VIEW view1 AS WITH table1 AS ( SELECT a, MAX(b) AS b FROM x GROUP BY a ), table2 AS ( SELECT a, AVG(d) AS d FROM y GROUP BY a) SELECT table1.*, table2.* FROM table1 JOIN table2 ON table1.a = table2.a;