Control library - AWS Audit Manager

Control library

You can access and manage controls from the control library in Audit Manager. You can go to the control library at any time by choosing Control library in the navigation pane in the Audit Manager console.

The control library contains a catalog of standard controls and custom controls.

  • Standard controls are predefined controls that are provided by AWS. You can view the configuration details of standard controls, but you can't edit or delete them. However, you can customize any standard control to create a new one that meets your specific requirements.

  • Custom controls are customized controls that you own and define. With a custom control, you can specify which data sources you want to collect evidence from. You can then add custom controls to a custom framework.

    To learn more about how to add a custom control to a custom framework, see Framework library. To learn more about how to create an assessment from an Audit Manager framework, see Assessments in AWS Audit Manager.

This section describes how you can create and manage custom controls in Audit Manager.