Troubleshooting dashboard issues - AWS Audit Manager

Troubleshooting dashboard issues

You can use the information on this page to resolve common dashboard issues in Audit Manager.

There isn't any data on my dashboard

If the numbers in the daily snapshot widget display a hyphen (-), this indicates that no data is available. You must have at least one active assessment to see data in the dashboard. To get started, create an assessment. After a 24-hour period, your assessment data will start to appear in the dashboard.


If the numbers in the daily snapshot widget display a zero (0), this indicates that your active assessments (or your selected assessment) have no non-compliant evidence.

The CSV download option isn't available

This option is available for individual assessments only. Make sure that you applied an Assessment filter to the dashboard, then try again. Keep in mind that you can only download one CSV file at a time.

I don't see the downloaded file when trying to download a CSV file

If a control domain contains a large number of controls, there might be a short delay while Audit Manager generates the CSV file. After the file is generated, it downloads automatically.

If you still don’t see the downloaded file, make sure that your internet connection is working normally and you're using the most current version of your web browser. In addition, check your recent downloads folder. Files download into the default location that's determined by your browser. If this doesn't resolve your issue, try downloading the file using a different browser.

A specific control or control domain is missing from the dashboard

This likely means that your active assessments (or specified assessment) don't have any relevant data for that control or control domain.

A control domain is displayed on the dashboard only if both of the following two criteria are met:

  • Your active assessments (or specified assessment) contain at least one control that's related to that domain

  • At least one control within that domain collected evidence on the date at the top of the dashboard

A control is displayed within a domain only if it collected evidence on the date at the top of the dashboard.

The daily snapshot shows varying amounts of evidence each day. Is this normal?

Not all evidence is collected on a daily basis. The controls in Audit Manager assessments are mapped to different data sources, and each one can have a different evidence collection schedule. As a result, it's expected that the daily snapshot displays a varying amount of evidence each day. For more information about evidence collection frequency, see How AWS Audit Manager collects evidence.