Adding a comment to a control - AWS Audit Manager

Adding a comment to a control

You can add comments for any controls that you review. These comments are visible to the audit owner.

To add a comment to a control

  1. Open the AWS Audit Manager console at

  2. Choose Notifications in the left navigation pane. Or, choose View notification in the blue flash bar at the top of the screen to open the notifications page.

  3. On the Notifications page, review the list of control sets that were delegated to you. Find the control set that contains the control that you want to leave a comment for, and choose the name of the related assessment.

  4. Choose the Controls tab, scroll down to the Control sets table, and then select the name of a control to open it.

  5. Choose the Comments tab.

  6. Under Send comments, enter your comment in the text box.

  7. Choose Submit comment to add your comment. Then, your comment appears under the Previous comments section of the page, along with any other comments regarding this control.