Getting started with AWS Audit Manager - AWS Audit Manager

Getting started with AWS Audit Manager

Use the step-by-step tutorials in this section to learn how to perform tasks using AWS Audit Manager.


The following tutorials are categorized by audience. Choose the tutorial that's appropriate for you based on your role as an audit owner or delegate.

  • Audit owners are Audit Manager users who are responsible for creating and managing assessments. In the business world, audit owners are typically governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) professionals. In the context of Audit Manager, however, individuals from SecOps or DevOps teams might also assume the user persona of an audit owner. Audit owners can request assistance from a subject matter expert—also known as a delegate—to review specific controls and validate evidence. Audit owners must have the necessary permissions to manage an assessment.

  • Delegates are subject matter experts with specialized technical or business expertise. Although they don't own or manage Audit Manager assessments, they can still contribute to them. Delegates assist audit owners with tasks such as validating evidence for the controls that fall under their area of expertise. Delegates have limited permissions in Audit Manager. This is because audit owners delegate specific control sets for review, and not entire assessments.

For more information about these personas and other Audit Manager concepts, see audit owner and delegate in the Understanding AWS Audit Manager concepts and terminology section of this guide.

For more information about the recommended IAM permissions for each persona, see Recommended policies for user personas in AWS Audit Manager.

Audit Manager tutorials

Creating an assessment

Audience: Audit owners

Overview: Follow step-by-step instructions to create your first assessment and get up and running fast. This tutorial walks you through how you can use a standard framework to create an assessment and begin the automated collection of evidence.

Reviewing a control set

Audience: Delegates

Overview: Assist an audit owner by reviewing evidence for controls that fall under your area of expertise. Learn to review control sets and their related evidence, add comments, upload evidence, and update the status of a control.