Related AWS services - AWS Audit Manager

Related AWS services

AWS Audit Manager integrates with multiple AWS services to automatically collect evidence and generate assessment reports.

AWS Security Hub

AWS Security Hub monitors your environment using automated security checks based on AWS best practices and industry standards. AWS Audit Manager imports Security Hub findings for supported compliance standards and regulations. These include the CIS Foundations Benchmark and PCI DSS. Audit Manager automatically performs additional analysis and adds annotations to the collected Security Hub findings to generate evidence for the AWS services that are monitored by Security Hub. For more information about AWS Security Hub, see What is AWS Security Hub? in the Security Hub User Guide.

AWS CloudTrail

AWS CloudTrail helps you monitor the calls made to AWS resources in your account. These include calls made by the AWS Management Console, AWS CLI, and other AWS services. AWS Audit Manager directly collects log data from AWS CloudTrail directly and performs additional analysis. It annotates the data to generate evidence automatically for over 175 AWS services that feed logs into AWS CloudTrail. For more information about AWS CloudTrail, see What is AWS CloudTrail? in the AWS CloudTrail User Guide.

AWS Config

AWS Config provides a detailed view of the configuration of AWS resources in your AWS account. This includes information about how resources are related to one another and how they were configured in the past. AWS Audit Manager collects log data from AWS Config and performs additional analysis. It annotates that data to generate evidence automatically for the AWS services that AWS Config monitors. For more information about AWS Config, see What is AWS Config? in the AWS Config User Guide.

AWS License Manager

AWS License Manager streamlines the process of bringing software vendor licenses to the cloud. As you build out cloud infrastructure on AWS, you can save costs by repurposing your existing license inventory for use with cloud resources. AWS Audit Manager imports license usage limits and the usage data over time from License Manager. For more information on License Manager, see What is AWS License Manager? in the License Manager User Guide.

AWS Control Tower

AWS Control Tower enforces preventative and detective guardrails for cloud infrastructure. AWS Audit Manager imports guardrail logs, and maps them to user events gathered from CloudTrail, and AWS Config as evidence of compliance or non-compliance to the guardrails. It then uses this data to generate assessment reports for your audit. For more information about AWS Control Tower, see What is AWS Control Tower? in the AWS Control Tower User Guide.

AWS Artifact

AWS Artifact is a self-service audit artifact retrieval portal that provides on-demand access to the compliance documentation and certifications for AWS infrastructure. AWS Artifact offers evidence to prove that the AWS Cloud infrastructure meets the compliance requirements. In contrast, AWS Audit Manager helps you collect, review, and manage evidence to demonstrate that your usage of AWS services is in compliance. For more information about AWS Artifact, see What is AWS Artifact? in the AWS Artifact User Guide. You can download a list of AWS reports in the AWS Management Console.

For a list of AWS services in scope of specific compliance programs, see AWS Services in Scope by Compliance Program. For more general information, see AWS Compliance Programs.