StepScalingPolicyConfiguration - Application Auto Scaling


Represents a step scaling policy configuration to use with Application Auto Scaling.

For more information, see Step scaling policies in the Application Auto Scaling User Guide.



Specifies how the ScalingAdjustment value in a StepAdjustment is interpreted (for example, an absolute number or a percentage). The valid values are ChangeInCapacity, ExactCapacity, and PercentChangeInCapacity.

AdjustmentType is required if you are adding a new step scaling policy configuration.

Type: String

Valid Values: ChangeInCapacity | PercentChangeInCapacity | ExactCapacity

Required: No


The amount of time, in seconds, to wait for a previous scaling activity to take effect. If not specified, the default value is 300. For more information, see Cooldown period in the Application Auto Scaling User Guide.

Type: Integer

Required: No


The aggregation type for the CloudWatch metrics. Valid values are Minimum, Maximum, and Average. If the aggregation type is null, the value is treated as Average.

Type: String

Valid Values: Average | Minimum | Maximum

Required: No


The minimum value to scale by when the adjustment type is PercentChangeInCapacity. For example, suppose that you create a step scaling policy to scale out an Amazon ECS service by 25 percent and you specify a MinAdjustmentMagnitude of 2. If the service has 4 tasks and the scaling policy is performed, 25 percent of 4 is 1. However, because you specified a MinAdjustmentMagnitude of 2, Application Auto Scaling scales out the service by 2 tasks.

Type: Integer

Required: No


A set of adjustments that enable you to scale based on the size of the alarm breach.

At least one step adjustment is required if you are adding a new step scaling policy configuration.

Type: Array of StepAdjustment objects

Required: No

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