Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling
API Reference (API Version 2011-01-01)


Describes one or more Auto Scaling instances.

Request Parameters

For information about the parameters that are common to all actions, see Common Parameters.


The instances to describe; up to 50 instance IDs. If you omit this parameter, all Auto Scaling instances are described. If you specify an ID that does not exist, it is ignored with no error.

Type: Array of strings

Length Constraints: Minimum length of 1. Maximum length of 19.

Pattern: [\u0020-\uD7FF\uE000-\uFFFD\uD800\uDC00-\uDBFF\uDFFF\r\n\t]*

Required: No


The maximum number of items to return with this call. The default value is 50 and the maximum value is 50.

Type: Integer

Required: No


The token for the next set of items to return. (You received this token from a previous call.)

Type: String

Pattern: [\u0020-\uD7FF\uE000-\uFFFD\uD800\uDC00-\uDBFF\uDFFF\r\n\t]*

Required: No

Response Elements

The following elements are returned by the service.


The instances.

Type: Array of AutoScalingInstanceDetails objects


The token to use when requesting the next set of items. If there are no additional items to return, the string is empty.

Type: String

Pattern: [\u0020-\uD7FF\uE000-\uFFFD\uD800\uDC00-\uDBFF\uDFFF\r\n\t]*


For information about the errors that are common to all actions, see Common Errors.


The NextToken value is not valid.

HTTP Status Code: 400


You already have a pending update to an Auto Scaling resource (for example, a group, instance, or load balancer).

HTTP Status Code: 500


Sample Request &InstanceIds.member.1=i-12345678 &Version=2011-01-01 &AUTHPARAMS

Sample Response

<DescribeAutoScalingInstancesResponse xmlns=""> <DescribeAutoScalingInstancesResult> <AutoScalingInstances> <member> <LaunchConfigurationName>my-lc</LaunchConfigurationName> <LifecycleState>InService</LifecycleState> <AutoScalingGroupName>my-asg</AutoScalingGroupName> <InstanceId>i-12345678</InstanceId> <HealthStatus>HEALTHY</HealthStatus> <ProtectedFromScaleIn>false</ProtectedFromScaleIn> <AvailabilityZone>us-east-1b</AvailabilityZone> </member> </AutoScalingInstances> </DescribeAutoScalingInstancesResult> <ResponseMetadata> <RequestId>7c6e177f-f082-11e1-ac58-3714bEXAMPLE</RequestId> </ResponseMetadata> </DescribeAutoScalingInstancesResponse>

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