Creating report plans using the AWS Backup API - AWS Backup

Creating report plans using the AWS Backup API

You can also work with report plans programmatically.


Cross-account reports are not supported at this time. The bucket needs to be in same account as the report plan.

Use the following syntax to call CreateReportPlan.

{ "ReportPlanName": "string", "ReportPlanDescription": "string", "ReportSettings": { "ReportTemplate": enum, // Can be RESOURCE_COMPLIANCE_REPORT, CONTROL_COMPLIANCE_REPORT, BACKUP_JOB_REPORT, COPY_JOB_REPORT, or RESTORE_JOB_REPORT. Only include "ReportCoverageList" if your report is a COMPLIANCE_REPORT. "ReportCoverageList": [ { "AwsRegion" : "string", "Selections": [ "string" ], // a list of one or more framework names } ] }, "ReportDeliveryChannel": { "S3BucketName": "string", "S3KeyPrefix": "string", "Formats": [ enum ] // Optional. Can be either CSV, JSON, or both. Default is CSV if left blank. }, "ReportPlanTags": { "string" : "string" // Optional. }, "IdempotencyToken": "string" }

When you call DescribeReportPlan with the unique name of a report plan, the AWS Backup API responds with the following information.

{ "ReportPlanArn": "string", "ReportPlanName": "string", "ReportPlanDescription": "string", "ReportSettings": { "ReportTemplate": enum, "ReportCoverageList": [ { "AwsRegion" : "string", "Selections": [ "string" ] } ] }, "ReportDeliveryChannel": { "S3BucketName": "string", "S3KeyPrefix": "string", "Formats": [ enum ] }, "DeploymentStatus": enum "CreationTime": timestamp, "LastAttemptExecutionTime": timestamp, "LastSuccessfulExecutionTime": timestamp }