Metering, costs, and billing - AWS Backup

Metering, costs, and billing

AWS Backup pricing

Current AWS Backup prices are available at AWS Backup pricing.


To avoid additional charges, configure your retention policy with a warm storage duration of at least one week.

For example, assume you take daily backups and retain them for one day. Further, assume that your protected resources are so large it takes the entire day to complete your backup. AWS Backup implements your retention period of one day and removes your backup from warm storage when your backup job completes. The next day, AWS Backup cannot create an incremental backup because you have no backup in warm storage. Since this retention period did not follow best practices, you run the risk and expense of creating a full backup every day.

Contact AWS Support for further assistance.

AWS Backup billing

When a resource type supports full AWS Backup management, charges for AWS Backup activity (including storage, data transfers, restores, and early deletion) appear in the "Backup" section of your Amazon Web Services bill. For a list of services that support full AWS Backup management, see the Full AWS Backup management section in the Feature availability by resource table.

When a resource type does not support full AWS Backup management, some of your AWS Backup activity, such as storage costs for your backups, might be and billed by the respective AWS service.

Copy job failures

You will only be charged once a recovery point has been created in the destination vault. There is no charge when a copy job fails and no recovery point is created.

Cost allocation tags

You can use cost allocation tags to track and optimize AWS Backup costs on a detailed level, and view and filter those tags using AWS Cost Explorer.

To use cost allocation tags, see Automating backups and optimizing backup costs for Amazon EFS using AWS Backup and Using Cost Allocation Tags.

AWS Backup Audit Manager pricing

AWS Backup Audit Manager charges for usage based on the number of control evaluations. A control evaluation is the evaluation of one resource against one control. Control evaluation charges appear on your AWS Backup bill. For current control evaluation pricing, see AWS Backup pricing.

To use AWS Backup Audit Manager controls, you must enable AWS Config recording to track your backup activity. AWS Config charges for each configuration item recorded, and these charges appear on your AWS Config bill. For current configuration item recorded pricing, see AWS Config pricing.

Amazon Aurora pricing

During the configured retention period for Aurora continuous backups (up to 35 days), snapshots do not incur a storage charge. Snapshots retained past this window are charged as full backups.