Monitoring - AWS Backup


AWS Backup works with other AWS tools to empower you to monitor its workloads. These tools include the following:

  • AWS Backup console dashboards

    • The jobs dashboard brings job health monitoring, where you can view metrics showing job successes and failures, filtered by reasons, accounts, Region, and resource type.

    • The jobs dashboard is available in Regions where AWS Backup Audit Manager is supported. See Feature availability by AWS Region for those Regions. All other Regions will be able to access the CloudWatch Dashboard.

  • Amazon CloudWatch and Amazon EventBridge to monitor AWS Backup processes.

    • You can use CloudWatch to track metrics, create alarms, and view dashboards.

    • You can use EventBridge to view and monitor AWS Backup events.

    For more information, see Monitoring AWS Backup events using Amazon EventBridge and .

  • AWS CloudTrail to monitor AWS Backup API calls. You can identify the time, source IP, users, and accounts making those calls. For more information, see Logging AWS Backup API calls with CloudTrail.

  • Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) to subscribe to AWS Backup-related topics such as backup, restore, and copy events. For more information, see Notification options with AWS Backup.