Getting started 1: Service Opt-in - AWS Backup

Getting started 1: Service Opt-in

To use AWS Backup to protect some AWS services, you must affirmatively opt in. For example, you must opt in to have AWS Backup manage Amazon EC2 AMIs and Amazon EBS snapshots. Opt-in choices apply to the specific account and AWS Region, so you might have to opt in to multiple Regions using the same account.

As AWS Backup supports more and more AWS services and third-party applications, you might need to revisit this step to opt in to those newly-supported resources.

If you do not opt in, AWS Backup does not govern backups you take in your AWS environment outside of AWS Backup.

To opt in to use AWS Backup to protect all supported resource types

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console, and open the AWS Backup console at

  2. In the left navigation pane, choose Settings.

  3. Under Service opt-in, choose Configure resources.

  4. Opt in to all AWS Backup-supported Resources by moving all the toggles to the right.

  5. Choose Confirm.

Next steps

To create an on-demand backup using AWS Backup, proceed to Getting started 2: Create an on-demand backup.