SavingsPlansUtilizationDetail - AWS Billing and Cost Management


A single daily or monthly Savings Plans utilization rate and details for your account. A management account in an organization have access to member accounts. You can use GetDimensionValues to determine the possible dimension values.



The total amortized commitment for a Savings Plans. Includes the sum of the upfront and recurring Savings Plans fees.

Type: SavingsPlansAmortizedCommitment object

Required: No


The attribute that applies to a specific Dimension.

Type: String to string map

Required: No


The amount saved by using existing Savings Plans. Savings returns both net savings from savings plans and also the onDemandCostEquivalent of the Savings Plans when considering the utilization rate.

Type: SavingsPlansSavings object

Required: No


The unique Amazon Resource Name (ARN) for a particular Savings Plan.

Type: String

Required: No


A ratio of your effectiveness of using existing Savings Plans to apply to workloads that are Savings Plans eligible.

Type: SavingsPlansUtilization object

Required: No

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