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Create an OAuth Android Client ID

To enable Google Sign-In for your Android app, create an Android OAuth client ID in the Google Developers Console. This enables your app that can access Google APIs directly and manage token lifecycle through Amazon Cognito Identity. This Android OAuth client ID is in addition to the Web application OAuth client ID you created when following steps to Create a Google Developers Project and OAuth Web Client ID. You will provide this client ID to Mobile Hub during the Google Sign-In configuration.

To create an OAuth Android client ID

  1. Go to the Google Developers Console at

  2. In the Dashboard for your project, go to the Use Google APIs section and then choose Enable and manage APIs.

                  Choosing Enable and manage APIs for Google API in the Google Developers Console
  3. In the API Manager, choose Credentials in the left side menu.

                  Choosing Credentials from the API Manager in the Google Developers Console
  4. Choose New credentials and then choose OAuth client ID.

                  Creating new OAuth client ID credentials in the Google Developers Console
  5. In Create client ID, choose Android.

                  Creating an Android client ID in the Google Developers Console
  6. In Name, enter a name in the format Android client ID.

  7. In Signing-certificate fingerprint, enter the SHA-1 fingerprint. For more information about Google's process for obtaining your SHA-1 fingerprint, see this Google support article.

                  Entering the SHA-1 fingerprint for an app in the Google Developers Console
  8. Use your SHA-1 fingerprint to ensure that your apps APK are associated with your Google app. See instructions at Generate a key and keystore.

  9. In Package name, enter the package name in the format

  10. Choose Create.

  11. In the OAuth client pop-up, copy and save the value generated for your Android client ID. You need this client ID to implement Google Sign-In in your Mobile Hub app. After you copy the client ID, choose OK.

                  Displaying the generated Android client ID in the Google Developers Console
  12. Paste the Android client ID value into the Mobile HubGoogle Android Client ID field for your project.

                  Where to paste the Android client ID value from Google into the |AMH| console