Conversational Bots - AWS Mobile Hub

On October 30, 2021, AWS Amplify will replace AWS Mobile Hub. For more information, see Migrating to Amplify.

Conversational Bots

Choose the AWS Mobile Hub conversational bots mobile backend service feature to:

  • Add voice and text natural language understanding interface to your app

  • Use natural language voice and text to interact with your business logic in the cloud

Create a free Mobile Hub project and add the Conversational Bots feature.

Feature Details

The following image shows Conversational Bots using Amazon Lex to add natural language to a mobile app interface and as an integration point for other services.

AWS Mobile Hub conversational bots bring your mobile app the same natural language understanding and business logic integration that power the Amazon Alexa and Amazon Shopping voice and text conversation experiences.

Mobile Hub conversational bots use Amazon Lex, an AWS service for building voice and text conversational interfaces into applications. Amazon Lex has built-in integration with Lambda.

With conversational bots and Amazon Lex, no deep learning expertise is necessary. Specify the basic conversation flow in the Amazon Lex console to create a bot. The service manages the dialogue and dynamically adjusts the responses in the conversation. Using Mobile Hub conversation bots, you can provision and test bots based on demonstration templates or bots you have created in the Amazon Lex console. Mobile Hub provides integration instructions and customized components for reusing the sample app code we generate in your own app.

Conversational Bots At a Glance

AWS services and resources configured

Mobile Hub-enabled features use Amazon Cognito for authentication and IAM for authorization. For more information, see User Sign-in.

Configuration options

This feature enables the following mobile backend capabilities:

  • Create and configure conversational bots in the Amazon Lex service based on provided demonstration templates or by using the Amazon Lex console to add your customized text and/or speech interactions to your app.

  • Integrate your app by downloading and reusing the code of the quickstart app, a package of native iOS and Android SDKs, plus helper code and on line guidance, all of which are dynamically generated to match your Mobile Hub project.

Quickstart app demos

This feature adds the following functionality to a quickstart app generated by Mobile Hub:

  • Enables user to interact with a conversational bot that interacts with Amazon Lex.