Messaging and Analytics - AWS Mobile Hub

On October 30, 2021, AWS Amplify will replace AWS Mobile Hub. For more information, see Migrating to Amplify.

Messaging and Analytics

Looking for the AWS SDKs for iOS and Android? These SDKs and their docs are now part of AWS Amplify.

The content on this page applies only to apps that were configured using AWS Mobile Hub or awsmobile CLI. For existing apps that use AWS Mobile SDK prior to v2.8.0, we highly recommend you migrate your app to use AWS Amplify and the latest SDK.

Choose the AWS Mobile Hub Messaging and Analytics feature to:

  • Gather data to understand your app users’ behavior

  • Use that information to add campaigns to engage with your users through push notification, e-mail, and SMS

Create a free Mobile Hub project and add the Messaging and Analytics feature.

Feature Details

AWS Mobile Hub Messaging and Analytics (formerly User Engagement) helps you understand how your users use your app. It enables you to engage them through push notification, e-mail, or SMS. You can tie your analytics to your messaging so that what you communicate flows from users’ behavior.

The following image shows Messaging and Analytics using Amazon Pinpoint to collect usage data from a mobile app. Amazon Pinpoint then sends messaging to selected app users based on the campaign logic designed for the app.

You can configure messaging and analytics functions separately, or use the two together to carry out campaigns to interact with your users based on the their app usage. You can configure which users receive a campaign’s messaging, as well as the conditions and scheduling logic for sending messages. You can configure notifications to communicate text or cause a programatic action, such as opening an application or passing custom JSON to your client.

When you choose Analytics, Amazon Pinpoint performs capture, visualization, and analysis of app usage and campaign data:

  • By default, Amazon Pinpoint gathers app usage session data.

  • If you configure a campaign, metrics about your campaign are included.

  • If you add custom analytics to your app, you can configure Amazon Pinpoint to visualize those metrics and use the data as a factor in your campaign behavior. To learn more about integrating custom analytics, see Integrating Amazon Pinpoint With Your App in the Amazon Pinpoint User Guide.

  • Amazon Pinpoint enables you to construct funnel analytics, which visualize how many users complete each of a series of step you intend them to take in your app.

  • To perform more complex analytics tasks, such as merging data from more than one app or making flexible queries, you can configure Amazon Pinpoint to stream your data to Kinesis. To learn more about using Amazon Pinpoint and Kinesis together, see Streaming Amazon Pinpoint Events to Amazon Kinesis.

When you choose Messaging you can configure your project to enable Amazon Pinpoint to send:

  • Send Push Notifications to your Android users, through Firebase/Google Cloud Messaging, or iOS, through APNs

  • E-mails to your app users using the sender ID and domain of your choice

  • SMS messages

Once you have enabled Messaging and Analytics options in your Mobile Hub project, use the Amazon Pinpoint console to view visualizations of your analytics or configure your user segments and campaigns. You can also import user segment data into Amazon Pinpoint to use campaigns for any group of users.

Messaging and Analytics At a Glance

AWS services and resources configured

Mobile Hub-enabled features use Amazon Cognito for authentication and IAM for authorization. For more information, see User Sign-in.

Configuration options

This feature enables the following mobile backend capabilities:

  • Gather and visualize analytics of your app users’ behavior.

Quickstart app demos

This feature adds User Engagement functionality to a quickstart app generated by Mobile Hub:

  • Demonstrate enabling the app user to receive campaign notifications. The app user can cause events that generate session, custom, campaign and purchase data. Analytics for these events is available in the Amazon Pinpoint console in close to real time.

  • Demonstrate providing the app user with a view of an Amazon Pinpoint data visualization, on their mobile phone.