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Access Your APIs


The following content applies if you are already using the AWS Mobile CLI to configure your backend. If you are building a new mobile or web app, or you're adding cloud capabilities to your existing app, use the new AWS Amplify CLI instead. With the new Amplify CLI, you can use all of the features described in Announcing the AWS Amplify CLI toolchain, including AWS CloudFormation functionality that provides additional workflows.

Set Up Your Backend


The steps on this page assume you have already completed the steps on Get Started.

The AWS Mobile Cloud Logic feature lets you call APIs in the cloud. API calls are handled by your serverless Lambda functions.

To enable cloud APIs in your app

awsmobile cloud-api enable awsmobile push

Enabling Cloud Logic in your app adds a sample API, sampleCloudApi to your project that can be used for testing.

You can find the sample handler function for the API by running awsmobile console in your app root folder, and then choosing the Cloud Logic feature in your Mobile Hub project.

            View your sample cloud API and its lambda function handler.

Quickly Test Your API From the CLI

The sampleCloudApi and its handler function allow you to make end to end API calls.

To test invocation of your unsigned APIs in the development environment

awsmobile cloud-api invoke <apiname> <method> <path> [init]

For the sampleCloudApi you may use the following examples to test the post method

awsmobile cloud-api invoke sampleCloudApi post /items '{"body": {"testKey":"testValue"}}'

This call will return a response similar to the following.

{ success: 'post call succeed!', url: '/items', body: { testKey: 'testValue' } }

To test the :get method

awsmobile cloud-api invoke sampleCloudApi get /items

This will return a response as follows.

{ success: 'get call succeed!', url: '/items' }

Connect to Your Backend

Once you have created your own Cloud Logic APIs and Lambda functions, you can call them from your app.

To call APIs from your app

In App.js (or other code that runs at launch-time), add the following import.

import Amplify, { API } from 'aws-amplify'; import aws_exports from './aws-exports'; Amplify.configure(aws_exports);

Then add this to the component that calls your API.

state = { apiResponse: null }; async getSample() { const path = "/items"; // you can specify the path const apiResponse = await API.get("sampleCloudApi" , path); //replace the API name console.log('response:' + apiResponse); this.setState({ apiResponse }); }

To invoke your API from a UI element, add an API call from within your component's render() method.

<View> <Button title="Send Request" onPress={this.getSample.bind(this)} /> <Text>Response: {this.state.apiResponse && JSON.stringify(this.state.apiResponse)}</Text> </View>

To test, save the changes, run npm run android or npm run ios` to launch your app. Then try the UI element that calls your API.

Next Steps

Learn more about the AWS Mobile Cloud Logic feature which uses Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda.

To be guided through creation of an API and it's handler, run awsmobile console to open your app in the Mobile Hub console, and choose Cloud Logic.

Learn about AWS Mobile CLI.

Learn about AWS Mobile Amplify.