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Exporting and Importing AWS Mobile Hub Projects

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The content on this page applies only to apps that were configured using AWS Mobile Hub or awsmobile CLI. For existing apps that use AWS Mobile SDK prior to v2.8.0, we highly recommend you migrate your app to use AWS Amplify and the latest SDK.


Mobile Hub provides the ability to export and import YAML files that describe the configuration of your Mobile Hub project. Anyone with an AWS account can import an exported project configuration file to deploy a new project, with new AWS resources that match the configuration being imported.

This feature enables you to replicate the AWS service configuration of an exported project. While the data in a project's tables is not exported, files in storage or hosting buckets and API handler function code can be manually added to your exported project definition. To learn more, see import-export-manual.

To export a project configuration file

  1. Navigate to your project list in the Mobile Hub console.

  2. Hover over the ellipses (three dots) in the upper right of the project card.

  3. Choose Export (file) in the upper right of the card for the project you want to export.

  4. Save your project export file.

To learn more about the content of an exported project configuration file, see Structure of a Project Export .yml File.

To import a project

  1. Navigate to your project list in the Mobile Hub console.

  2. Choose Import your project in the upper left of the page.

  3. Browse or drag a project definition file into the Import project configuration dialog.

  4. Choose Import project.

In any public GitHub repo, you can provide a link that instantly kicks off creation of a new Mobile Hub project by importing the exported project configuration file define in the link's querystring. The form of the link should be:

For example, the following HTML creates a link that provides instant configuration of an app's AWS backend services, based on Mobile Hub features defined in To see this code in action, see for the AWS Mobile React Sample.

<p align="center"> <a target="_blank" href=""> <span> <img height="100%" src=""/> </span> </a> </p>

The querystring portion of the link can point to the location of a Mobile Hub project configuration mobile-hub-project.yml file or a project export .zip file containing a mobile-hub-project.yml file.


If you are using a .zip file it must conform to the structure and content required by a Mobile Hub project configuration import. For details, see Structure of a Project Export .zip File.

Limitations of Importing Projects

Maximum Project Definition File Size is 10MB

Import of Mobile Hub project .zip or .yml files larger than 10MB is not supported.

Project Components that Require Manual Export

To enable import of the following project configuration items, you must manually modify your project's exported .zip file:

Cross Account Credentials

Some features require credentials and assets that are associated with the AWS account where they are configured. Mobile Hub projects that contain such features can only be imported into the account that exported them. Features with this restriction include Cloud Logic APIs that were created outside of the Mobile Hub project being exported, messaging provider credentials for Push Notification, and Amazon SNS topics.

Mobile Hub Feature Can be exported from one AWS account and imported into another?

User Sign-in


NoSQL Database


Cloud Logic

Using APIs created within your Mobile Hub project:


Using APIs imported into your project:

No (for remedy, see Cannot Import an API)

User File Storage


App Content Delivery




Push Notifications

No (for remedy, see Cannot Import Push Credentials)

Messaging and Analytics (Push Notification)

No (for remedy, see Cannot Import Push Credentials)

Project Components that Are Not Exported

The following items are not supported by the Mobile Hub import/export feature:

  • Custom policy

    When you enable a Mobile Hub feature, a set of AWS services is deployed. Mobile Hub attaches default access roles and policies to these objects. When a project is imported, the default roles and policies are applied.

    In your original project, you can modify or add to these defaults; for example, to set access to a data table to read only. When you export your project configuration, any such customizations are not included in the project export. To enable your custom policy in an imported project, the importer must manually configure those policies in the imported project. In addition to your project export file, we recommend you provide both your policy JSON and step by step instructions for importers. These instructions should describe how to use AWS consoles or the AWS CLI to implement your customizations.

  • Legacy Cloud Logic

    Import and export are not supported for projects using the legacy Cloud Logic feature. A project of this kind calls Lambda functions directly. The current version of Cloud Logic makes RESTful calls to Amazon API Gateway APIs linked to Lambda function handlers.