AWS Mobile
Developer Guide

Add Auth / User Sign-in


The steps on this page assume you have already completed the steps on Get Started.

Set Up Your Backend

The AWS Mobile CLI components for user authentication include a rich, configurable UI for sign-up and sign-in.

To enable the Auth features

In the root folder of your app, run:

awsmobile user-signin enable awsmobile push

Connect to Your Backend

The AWS Mobile CLI enables you to integrate ready-made sign-up/sign-in/sign-out UI from the command line.

To add user auth UI to your app

  1. Install AWS Amplify for React Nativelibrary.

    npm install --save aws-amplify npm install --save aws-amplify-react-native


If your react-native app was not created using create-react-native-app or using a version of Expo lower than v25.0.0 (the engine behind create-react-native-app), you will need to link libraries in your project for the Auth module on React Native, amazon-cognito-identity-js.

To link to the module, you must first eject the project:

npm run eject react-native link amazon-cognito-identity-js
  1. Add the following import in App.js (or other file that runs upon app startup):

    import { withAuthenticator } from 'aws-amplify-react-native';
  2. Then change export default App; to the following.

    export default withAuthenticator(App);

To test, run npm start or awsmobile run.

Next Steps

Learn more about the AWS Mobile User Sign-in feature, which uses Amazon Cognito.

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