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Developer Guide

A Simple Note-taking App

Start with a working app and then add cloud enable features. In this tutorial, you will take a working app, driven from locally stored data, and then:

         Demonstration of the Notes tutorial app you can download.

You should be able to complete the setup section of this tutorial within 10-15 minutes after you have installed all required software. Once you complete the instructions on this page, you can run the project on your local system.

Getting Started

Before beginning, on your Mac:

  • Install XCode using the Mac App Store (version 8.0 or higher is required).

  • Configure the XCode command line tools. Run xcode-select --install from a Terminal window.

  • Install Cocoapods. From a terminal window run:

    sudo gem install cocoapods

Download the Source code

  1. Get the tutorial source code using one of the following choices:

Compile and Run the Project

To compile the source code and the project in a simulator:

  1. Unzip and launch Xcode by choosing MyNotes.xcodeproj in the expanded folder.

  2. Select Product > Build (-B) to build the project.

  3. Select any compatible simulator from the list in the toolbar at the top, next to the label with your app name.

  4. Choose the run icon () on the top left or type -R to build and run the app.

You should be able to interact with the application. Try clicking on the + at the top right to create a note, or click on a note to show the editor screen.

Next Steps

Next, integrate application analytics into your project.