Automating Elasticity
AWS Whitepaper


The elasticity of cloud services is a powerful way to optimize costs. By combining tagging, monitoring, and automation, your organization can match its spending to its needs and put resources where they provide the most value. For more information about elasticity and other cost management topics, see the AWS Billing and Cost Management documentation.

Automation tools can help minimize some of the management and administrative tasks associated with an IT deployment. Similar to the benefits from application services, an automated or DevOps approach to your AWS infrastructure will provide scalability and elasticity with minimal manual intervention.

This also provides a level of control over your AWS environment and the associated spending. For example, when engineers or developers are allowed to provision AWS resources only through an established process and use tools that can be managed and audited (for example, a provisioning portal such as AWS Service Catalog), you can avoid the expense and waste that results from simply turning on (and most often leaving on) standalone resources.