Automating Elasticity
AWS Whitepaper

Monitoring AWS Service Usage and Costs

There are a couple of tools that you can use to monitor your service usage and costs to identify opportunities to use elasticity.

The Cost Optimization Monitor can help you generate reports that provide insight into service usage and costs as you deploy and operate cloud architecture. They include detailed billing reports, which you can access in the AWS Billing and Cost Management console. These reports provide estimated costs that you can break down in different ways (by period, account, resource, or custom resource tags) to help monitor and forecast monthly charges. You can analyze this information to optimize your infrastructure and maximize your return on investment using elasticity.

Cost Explorer is another free tool that you can use to view your costs and find ways to take advantage of elasticity. You can view data up to the last 13 months, forecast how much you are likely to spend for the next 3 months, and get recommendations on what Reserved Instances to purchase. You can also use Cost Explorer to see patterns in how much you spend on AWS resources over time, identify areas that need further inquiry, and see trends that can help you understand your costs. In addition, you can specify time ranges for the data as well as view time data by day or by month.