Microservices on AWS
AWS Whitepaper

Microservices on AWS

Publication date: September 2017 (Document Details)


Microservices are an architectural and organizational approach to software development designed to speed up deployment cycles, foster innovation and ownership, and improve maintainability and scalability of software applications. This approach includes scaling organizations that deliver software and services. Using a microservices approach, software is composed of small independent services that communicate over well-defined APIs. These services are owned by small self-contained teams. In this whitepaper, we summarize the common characteristics of microservices, talk about the main challenges of building microservices, and describe how product teams can leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS) to overcome those challenges.


For the last several years, microservices have been an important trend in IT architecture. Microservices architectures are not a completely new approach to software engineering, but rather they are a collection and combination of successful and proven concepts such as agile software development, service- oriented architectures, API-first design, and Continuous Delivery (CD). In many cases, design patterns of the Twelve-Factor App are leveraged for microservices.

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