AWS Billing and Cost Management
User Guide (Version 2.0)

Product Details

You can use the product columns to find information about the service and type of line item. Different services include different product columns in their reports. Examples include the following:


If you used Amazon EC2, the type of Amazon EC2 instance is included in the product/InstanceType column.


The instance family that is associated with the given usage: for example, t2 or m4.


If you used Amazon EC2, the type of operating system of an Amazon EC2 instance is included in the product/OperatingSystem column.


The category for the type of product: for example, compute for Amazon EC2 or storage for Amazon S3.


The full name of the AWS service.


The geographical area that hosts your AWS services: for example, us-east-1. Use this field to analyze spend across a particular region.


A unique code for a product. The SKU is created by combining the ProductCode, UsageType, and Operation. For size-flexible RIs, the SKU uses the instance that was used. For example, if you used a t2.micro and AWS applied a t2.small RI discount to the usage, the line item SKU is created with the t2.micro.


If you used Amazon EC2, the type of tenancy allowed on the Amazon EC2 instance, such as single tenant or multiple tenant, is included in the product/Tenancy column.