Reading the offer index file - AWS Billing and Cost Management

Reading the offer index file

After you have the offer index file, you can use it to find an offer file.

Offer index file

The offer index file is available as a JSON file. You can read the file multiple ways, such as using a text program to read the JSON file or a program that parses the JSON.

The offer index file consists of two main sections: the metadata about the offer index file itself, and either a list of the services that AWS offers (for the offer index file) or a list of Regions where a service is offered (for the regional offer index file). The information about an offer file includes the URL where you can download the prices and a URL for a regional offer index file for that service.

The offer index file looks like this:

{ "formatVersion":"The version number for the offer index format", "disclaimer":"The disclaimers for this offer index", "publicationDate":"The publication date of this offer index", "offers":{ "firstService":{ "offerCode":"The service that this price list is for", "currentVersionUrl":"The URL for this offer file", "currentRegionIndexUrl":"The URL for the regional offer index file", "savingsPlanVersionIndexUrl":"The URL for the Savings Plan index file (if applicable)" }, "secondService":{ "offerCode": ..., "currentVersionUrl": ..., "currentRegionIndexUrl": ..., "savingsPlanVersionIndexUrl":... }, ... }, }

Offer index definitions

The following list defines the terms that are used in the offer index file:


An attribute that tracks which format version the offer index file is in. The formatVersion of the file is updated when the structure is changed. For example, the version will change from v1 to v2.


Any disclaimers that apply to the offer index file.


The date and time (UTC) when an offer index file was published. For example, 2015-04-09T02:22:05Z, 2015-09-10T18:21:05Z.


A list of available offer files.


A unique code for the product of an AWS service. For example, AmazonEC2 or AmazonS3. The OfferCode is used as the lookup key for the index.


The URL where you can download the most up-to-date offer file.


A list of available regional offer files.


The list of applicable Savings Plan offers.