AWS Management Console
Getting Started Guide (Version 1.0)

Managing Resource Groups


This content describes legacy Resource Groups. For information about the new AWS Resource Groups service, see the AWS Resource Groups User Guide.

At any time you can modify the settings of your resource groups to change what resources appear. You can also customize the display so that you can see the information that you need most.

Modifying What Resources Are in a Group

If you need to change what resources the group includes or other group settings, you can do so at any time.

To modify the composition of a resource group

  1. Open an existing resource group, as explained in Accessing a Resource Group.

  2. In the resource group page, choose the pencil icon ( ).

  3. Modify any of the settings (name, resource types, regions, tags) and choose Preview. Repeat until you are satisfied with your group. Then choose Save.

Customizing Your Resource Group Display

You can change the appearance of your resource group to show the information that you need most.

To customize the data displayed in a resource group page

  1. Select and open a group, as explained in Accessing a Resource Group.

  2. Do any of the following:

    • To determine which type of resource is displayed, choose the resource type in the navigation pane.


    • To limit the display to resources containing a keyword, type the keyword in the filter box above the table. For example, you could type stopped to see all stopped instances or us-east-2 to see only instances for that region.


                                    Use a keyword to filter listed resources


    • To sort the list by any column, choose the column heading name. To reverse the sort order, choose the name again.


    • To change the width of a table column, drag the divider between the column headings.


    • To customize what columns appear in the table, choose the cog icon ( ) above the table and select or deselect the type of data that appears. You can add or remove columns for the types of information available for a resource (listed under Properties) or for individual tags (listed under Tag Keys).

      Selecting or deselecting an item in the list toggles a corresponding table column. To search for and limit what items appear in the list, type a full or partial keyword or words in the box at the top.

Updating Your Resource Group Display

As you create or remove resources or apply or modify the tags your resources use, you might need to update the information that you see on a resource group page.

To update the information displayed on a resource group page

  • Choose the refresh icon ( ) before the list of resources.

Sharing a Resource Group

If your account consists of multiple IAM users, each of those users has his own resource groups, which are not visible to other users. However, each user can share the settings that make up a resource group with other users in the same account. The share feature creates a URL that takes a user to the Create Resource Group page with the settings already entered in the form. The recipients can then save a new resource group for their own use.

For information on creating users, see Creating an IAM User in IAM User Guide.

To share a resource group

  1. Select and open a group, as explained in Accessing a Resource Group.

  2. Choose the share icon above the resource table.

                            Choose the share icon to get a URL of your group
  3. Copy the URL that appears on the page, and send it to other users in your AWS account.

Deleting a Resource Group

You can permanently remove any resource groups that you no longer need.

To delete a resource group

  1. Select and open a group, as explained in Accessing a Resource Group.

  2. On the resource group page, choose the pencil icon ( ) next to the group name.

  3. Choose Delete and then OK to confirm.


    Deleting a resource group has no effect on the resources within the group.