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The results of a Trusted Advisor check returned by DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckResult.



Summary information that relates to the category of the check. Cost Optimizing is the only category that is currently supported.

Type: TrustedAdvisorCategorySpecificSummary object


The unique identifier for the Trusted Advisor check.

Type: String


The details about each resource listed in the check result.

Type: Array of TrustedAdvisorResourceDetail objects


Details about AWS resources that were analyzed in a call to Trusted Advisor DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckSummaries.

Type: TrustedAdvisorResourcesSummary object


The alert status of the check: "ok" (green), "warning" (yellow), "error" (red), or "not_available".

Type: String


The time of the last refresh of the check.

Type: String

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