Secret - AWS Batch


An object that represents the secret to expose to your container. Secrets can be exposed to a container in the following ways:

  • To inject sensitive data into your containers as environment variables, use the secrets container definition parameter.

  • To reference sensitive information in the log configuration of a container, use the secretOptions container definition parameter.

For more information, see Specifying sensitive data in the AWS Batch User Guide.



The name of the secret.

Type: String

Required: Yes


The secret to expose to the container. The supported values are either the full Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the AWS Secrets Manager secret or the full ARN of the parameter in the AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store.


If the AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store parameter exists in the same Region as the job you're launching, then you can use either the full Amazon Resource Name (ARN) or name of the parameter. If the parameter exists in a different Region, then the full ARN must be specified.

Type: String

Required: Yes

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