AWS Batch
User Guide

Compute Environment Template

An empty compute environment template is shown below. You can use this template to create your compute environment that can then be saved to a file and used with the AWS CLI --cli-input-json option. For more information about these parameters, see CreateComputeEnvironment in the AWS Batch API Reference.

{ "computeEnvironmentName": "", "type": "", "state": "", "computeResources": { "type": "", "minvCpus": 0, "maxvCpus": 0, "desiredvCpus": 0, "instanceTypes": [""], "imageId": "", "subnets": [""], "securityGroupIds": [""], "ec2KeyPair": "", "instanceRole": "", "tags": {"KeyName": ""}, "bidPercentage": 0, "spotIamFleetRole": "" }, "serviceRole": "" }


You can generate the above compute environment template with the following AWS CLI command.

$ aws batch create-compute-environment --generate-cli-skeleton