Creating a Job Queue - AWS Batch

Creating a Job Queue

Before you can submit jobs in AWS Batch, you must create a job queue. When you create a job queue, you associate one or more compute environments to the queue and assign an order of preference for the compute environments.

You also set a priority to the job queue that determines the order in which the AWS Batch scheduler places jobs onto its associated compute environments. For example, if a compute environment is associated with more than one job queue, the job queue with a higher priority is given preference for scheduling jobs to that compute environment.

To create a job queue

  1. Open the AWS Batch console at

  2. From the navigation bar, select the region to use.

  3. In the navigation pane, choose Job queues, Create queue.

  4. For Queue name, enter a unique name for your job queue.

  5. Ensure that Enable job queue is selected so that your job queue can accept job submissions.

  6. For Priority, enter an integer value for the job queue's priority. Job queues with a higher priority (or a higher integer value for the priority parameter) are evaluated first when associated with the same compute environment. Priority is determined in descending order, for example, a job queue with a priority value of 10 is given scheduling preference over a job queue with a priority value of 1.

  7. In the Connected compute environments for this queue section, select one or more compute environments from the list to associate with the job queue, in the order that the queue should attempt placement. The job scheduler uses compute environment order to determine which compute environment should execute a given job. Compute environments must be in the VALID state before you can associate them with a job queue. You can associate up to three compute environments with a job queue.


    All compute environments that are associated with a job queue must share the same architecture. AWS Batch doesn't support mixing compute environment architecture types in a single job queue.

    You can change the order of compute environments by choosing the up and down arrows next to the Order column in the table.

  8. (Optional) In the Tags section, you can specify the key and value for each tag to associate with the job queue. For more information, see Tagging your AWS Batch resources.

  9. Choose Create to finish and create your job queue.