AWS Batch Service Limits - AWS Batch

AWS Batch Service Limits

The following table provides the service limits for AWS Batch, which cannot be changed. Each limit is Region-specific.

Resource Limit
Maximum number of job queues. For more information, see Job Queues. 20
Maximum number of compute environments. For more information, see Compute Environments. 50
Maximum number of compute environments per job queue 3
Maximum number of job dependencies for a job 20
Maximum job definition size (for RegisterJobDefinition API operations) 24 KiB
Maximum job payload size (for SubmitJob API operations) 30 KiB
Maximum array size for array jobs 10000
Maximum number of jobs in SUBMITTED state 1000000

Depending on how you use AWS Batch, additional quotas may apply. To learn about Amazon EC2 quotas, see Amazon EC2 Service Quotas in the AWS General Reference. To learn about Amazon ECS quotas, Amazon ECS Service Quotas in the AWS General Reference.