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Model lifecycle

Amazon Bedrock is continuously working to bring the latest versions of foundation models that have better capabilities, accuracy, and safety. As we launch new model versions, you can test them with the Amazon Bedrock console or API, and migrate your applications to benefit from the latest model versions.

A model offered on Amazon Bedrock can be in one of these states: Active, Legacy, or End-of-Life (EOL).

  • Active: The model provider is actively working on this version, and it will continue to get updates such as bug fixes and minor improvements.

  • Legacy: A version is marked Legacy when there is a more recent version which provides superior performance. Amazon Bedrock sets an EOL date for Legacy versions. The EOL date may vary depending on how you use the model (for example, whether you use on-demand throughput or Provisioned Throughput for a base model, or Provisioned Throughput for a customized model). While you can continue to use a Legacy version, you should plan to transition to an Active version before the EOL date.

  • EOL: This version is no longer available for use. Any requests made to this version will fail.

The console marks a model version's state as Active or Legacy. When you make a GetFoundationModel or ListFoundationModels call, you can find the state of the model in the modelLifecycle field in the response. After the EOL date, the model version can only be found on this documentation page.

On-Demand, Provisioned Throughput, and model customization

You specify the version of a model when you use it in On-Demand mode (for example, anthropic.claude-v2, anthropic.claude-v2:1, etc.).

When you configure Provisioned Throughput, you must specify a model version that will remain unchanged for the entire term. You can purchase a new Provisioned Throughput commitment (or renew an existing one) for a version if the commitment term ends before the version's EOL date.

If you customized a model, you can continue to use it until the EOL date of the base model version that you used for customization. You can also customize a legacy model version, but you should plan to migrate before it reaches its EOL date.


Service quotas are shared among model minor versions.

Legacy versions

The following table shows the legacy versions of models available on Amazon Bedrock.

Model version Legacy date EOL date Recommended model version replacement Recommended model ID
Stable Diffusion XL 0.8 February 2, 2024 April 30, 2024 Stable Diffusion XL 1.x stability.stable-diffusion-xl-v1
Claude v1.3 November 28, 2023 February 28, 2024 Claude v2.1 anthropic.claude-v2:1
Titan Embeddings - Text v1.1 November 7, 2023 February 15, 2024 Titan Embeddings - Text v1.2 amazon.titan-embed-text-v1
Meta Llama 2 13b-chat-v1, Meta Llama 2 70b-chat-v1, Meta Llama 2-13b, Meta Llama 2-70b August 12, 2024 August 12, 2024 Meta Llama 3-8b-instruct-v1, Meta Llama 3-70b-instruct-v1 Meta Llama 3-8b-instruct-v1, Meta Llama 3-70b-instruct-v1
Ai21 J2 Mid-v1 and Ai21 J2 Ultra-v1 July 30, 2024 (only in us-west-2) July 30, 2024 (only in us-west-2) N/A N/A