Analyzing your margins per billing group - AWS Billing Conductor

Analyzing your margins per billing group

You can use the billing group margin report in AWS Billing Conductor to analyze your margins both in aggregate and with specific billing groups. All billing groups are included by default.

Use the following steps to view your margins for an individual billing group or a set of billing groups.

To view your billing group margins

  1. Open AWS Billing Conductor at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Billing group margin report.

  3. For report type, choose Select billing group.

  4. Choose a single or multiple billing groups by name to see the charged amount and AWS costs for each.

The margin analysis is shown as a bar chart graph and in a table.

Negative margins are shown in red in the graph, with a negative dollar amount and negative percentage.

Billing group margin analysis table

The billing group margin analysis table is sorted in reverse chronological order by default. You can sort the table by all of the columns, which include the following:

  • Month

  • Charged amount

  • AWS costs

  • Margin amount

  • Margin percentage

The graph and table returns values for the last 13 months of the billing groups selected. If the billing groups were created at different times, we assume the time range of the oldest selected billing group.