Clean Up Resources - AWS Blockchain Templates

Clean Up Resources

AWS CloudFormation makes it easy to clean up resources that the stack created. When you delete the stack, all resources that the stack created are deleted.

To delete resources that the template created

  • Open the AWS CloudFormation console, select the root stack that you created earlier, choose Actions, Delete.

    The Status of the root stack you created earlier and the associated nested stacks update to DELETE_IN_PROGRESS.

You may choose to delete the prerequisites you created for the Ethereum network.

Delete the VPC

  • Open the Amazon VPC console, select the VPC you created earlier and then choose Actions, Delete VPC. This also deletes the subnets, security groups, and the NAT gateway associated with the VPC.

Delete the IAM role and EC2 instance profile

  • Open the IAM console and choose Roles. Select the role for ECS and the role for EC2 that you created earlier and choose Delete.

Terminate the EC2 instance for the bastion host

  • Open the Amazon EC2 dashboard, choose Running instances, select the EC2 instance that you created for the bastion host, choose Actions, Instance State, Terminate.