Enable Amazon Braket - Amazon Braket

Enable Amazon Braket

You can enable Amazon Braket in your account through the AWS console.


To enable and run Amazon Braket, you must have a user or role with permission to initiate Amazon Braket actions. These permissions are included in the AmazonBraketFullAccess IAM policy (ARN:arn:aws:iam::aws:policy/AmazonBraketFullAccess).


If you are an administrator:

To give other users access to Amazon Braket, grant users permissions by attaching the AmazonBraketFullAccess policy or by attaching a custom policy that you create. To learn more about the permissions necessary to use Amazon Braket, see Managing access to Amazon Braket .

Steps to enable Amazon Braket

  1. Sign in to the Amazon Braket console with your AWS account.

  2. Open the Amazon Braket console.

  3. When you open the Amazon Braket console, you land by default on the Devices page. The message boxed in red at the top of the page informs you that you need to create a service-linked role to secure the permissions required to create resources with Amazon Braket.

  4. To create a service-linked role for the AWS account, select the View Permissions button on the right of the message at the top of the page or choose the Permissions and settings tab on the left side of the Amazon Braket page and then the Execution roles tab on the Permissions and settings page. To create this service-linked role, select the Create service-linked role button.

  5. In order to use third-party devices, you have to agree to certain conditions regarding data transfer to third parties. For more information, see Enable third-party devices.


Systems that do not involve third-party providers, such as Amazon’s simulators, can be used without agreeing to the Enable third-party devices agreement. But to use third party devices, such as QPU’s, this agreement must be signed.