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Enable Amazon Braket

You can enable Amazon Braket in your account through the AWS console.


To enable and run Amazon Braket, you must have an IAM user or role with permission to initiate Amazon Braket actions. These permissions are included in the AmazonBraketFullAccess IAM policy.

In particular, your IAM user or role must have permission to create an S3 bucket in the AWS account, because Amazon Braket requires an Amazon S3 bucket to store results from your tasks. Results from all users and roles in the account are stored in the same bucket location, which you specify when you enable Amazon Braket.

The next section shows how to create or select an S3 bucket associated with the AWS account in which you enable Amazon Braket.


If you are an administrator:

To enable Amazon Braket for other IAM users, for IAM roles, or for an IAM group in an account, you must grant permissions to each user, role, or group. You can grant these permissions by attaching the AmazonBraketFullAccess policy or by attaching a custom policy that you create. To learn more about the permissions necessary to use Amazon Braket, see Managing access to Amazon Braket.

Steps to enable Amazon Braket

  1. Log in to your AWS account and then open the Amazon Braket console.

  2. Choose Go to Braket.

  3. To specify an Amazon S3 bucket to use for your results, do one of the following tasks:

    1. Choose Create new bucket to have Amazon Braket create a bucket in your account named amazon-braket-uniqueString.

    2. Choose Specify bucket name and enter a name to append to the bucket name after amazon-braket-. For example, if you enter mycircuits, the resulting bucket name is amazon-braket-mycircuits.

    3. Choose Select an existing bucket to use an existing bucket from your account. The bucket name must start with amazon-braket-. You also can specify a folder within the bucket to store your task results.

  4. Review the permission policy attached to the service-linked role that Amazon Braket creates in your account.

  5. Review the Terms and Conditions for using Amazon Braket, then select the check box to confirm that you have read and accept these terms.

  6. Choose Enable Amazon Braket.

Common causes of failure when enabling Amazon Braket

Here are some error messages you might see when you enable or run Amazon Braket.

Access denied due to lacking S3 permissions

This error means that the user or role tried to create or manage access to an Amazon S3 bucket, without the required permissions. Be sure that you’re signed in with a user or role has the AmazonBraketFullAccess policy enabled.