Monitoring Amazon Braket with Amazon CloudWatch - Amazon Braket

Monitoring Amazon Braket with Amazon CloudWatch

You can monitor Amazon Braket using Amazon CloudWatch, which collects raw data and processes it into readable, near real-time metrics. You view historical information generated up to 15 months ago or search metrics that have been updated in the last 2 weeks in the Amazon CloudWatch console to gain a better perspective on how Amazon Braket is performing. To learn more, see Using CloudWatch metrics.

Amazon Braket Metrics and Dimensions

Metrics are the fundamental concept in CloudWatch. A metric represents a time-ordered set of data points that are published to CloudWatch. Every metric is characterized by a set of dimensions. To learn more about metrics dimensions in CloudWatch, see CloudWatch dimensions.

Amazon Braket sends the following metric data, specific to Amazon Braket, into the Amazon CloudWatch metrics:

Quantum Task Metrics

Metrics are available if quantum tasks exist. They are displayed under AWS/Braket/By Device in the CloudWatch console.

Metric Description


Number of quantum tasks.


This metric is emitted when a quantum task has completed. It represents the total time from quantum task initialization to completion.

Dimensions for Quantum Task Metrics

The quantum task metrics are published with a dimension based on the deviceArn parameter, which has the form arn:aws:braket:::device/xxx.

Supported Devices

For a list of supported devices and device ARNs, see Braket devices.


You can view the CloudWatch log streams for Amazon Braket notebooks by navigating to the Notebook detail page on the Amazon SageMaker console. Additional Amazon Braket notebook settings are available through the SageMaker console.