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AWS::CodeGuruProfiler Construct Library

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Package Description

AWS::CodeGuruProfiler Construct Library


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cdk-constructs: Stable

Amazon CodeGuru Profiler collects runtime performance data from your live applications, and provides recommendations that can help you fine-tune your application performance.


Import to your project:

 // Example automatically generated. See

Basic usage

Here's how to setup a profiling group and give your compute role permissions to publish to the profiling group to the profiling agent can publish profiling information:

 // Example automatically generated without compilation. See
 // The execution role of your application that publishes to the ProfilingGroup via CodeGuru Profiler Profiling Agent. (the following is merely an example)
 Object publishAppRole = Role.Builder.create(stack, "PublishAppRole")
         .assumedBy(new AccountRootPrincipal())
 Object profilingGroup = new ProfilingGroup(stack, "MyProfilingGroup");

Compute Platform configuration

Code Guru Profiler supports multiple compute environments. They can be configured when creating a Profiling Group by using the computePlatform property:

 // Example automatically generated without compilation. See
 Object profilingGroup = ProfilingGroup.Builder.create(stack, "MyProfilingGroup")
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