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AWS CodeStarNotifications Construct Library

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Package Description

AWS CodeStarNotifications Construct Library


cfn-resources: Stable

cfn-resources: Stable

This module is part of the AWS Cloud Development Kit project.


The NotificationRule construct defines an AWS CodeStarNotifications rule. The rule specifies the events you want notifications about and the targets (such as Amazon SNS topics or AWS Chatbot clients configured for Slack) where you want to receive them. Notification targets are objects that implement the INotificationRuleTarget interface and notification source is object that implement the INotificationRuleSource interface.

Notification Targets

This module includes classes that implement the INotificationRuleTarget interface for SNS and slack in AWS Chatbot.

The following targets are supported:


 // Example automatically generated without compilation. See
 PipelineProject project = new PipelineProject(stack, "MyProject");
 Topic topic = new Topic(stack, "MyTopic1");
 SlackChannelConfiguration slack = new SlackChannelConfiguration(stack, "MySlackChannel", new SlackChannelConfigurationProps()
 NotificationRule rule = new NotificationRule(stack, "NotificationRule", new NotificationRuleProps()
         .events(asList("codebuild-project-build-state-succeeded", "codebuild-project-build-state-failed"))

Notification Source

This module includes classes that implement the INotificationRuleSource interface for AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodePipeline and will support AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeDeploy in future.

The following sources are supported:


For the complete list of supported event types for CodeBuild and CodePipeline, see:

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