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CDK Construct library for higher-level Route 53 Constructs

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Package Description

CDK Construct library for higher-level Route 53 Constructs


cdk-constructs: Stable

This library provides higher-level Amazon Route 53 constructs which follow common architectural patterns.

HTTPS Redirect

If you want to speed up delivery of your web content, you can use Amazon CloudFront, the AWS content delivery network (CDN). CloudFront can deliver your entire website —including dynamic, static, streaming, and interactive content—by using a global network of edge locations. Requests for your content are automatically routed to the edge location that gives your users the lowest latency.

This construct allows creating a redirect from domainA to domainB using Amazon CloudFront and Amazon S3. You can specify multiple domains to be redirected. Learn more about routing traffic to a CloudFront web distribution.

The HttpsRedirect constructs creates:

⚠️ The stack/construct can be used in any region for configuring an HTTPS redirect. The certificate created in Amazon Certificate Manager (ACM) will be in US East (N. Virginia) region. If you use an existing certificate, the AWS region of the certificate must be in US East (N. Virginia).

The following example creates an HTTPS redirect from to As an existing certificate is not provided, one will be created in us-east-1 by the CDK.

 HttpsRedirect.Builder.create(this, "Redirect")
         .zone(HostedZone.fromHostedZoneAttributes(this, "HostedZone", HostedZoneAttributes.builder()
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