class aws_cdk.aws_apigateway.AwsIntegration(*, service, action=None, action_parameters=None, integration_http_method=None, options=None, path=None, proxy=None, region=None, subdomain=None)

Bases: aws_cdk.aws_apigateway.Integration

This type of integration lets an API expose AWS service actions.

It is intended for calling all AWS service actions, but is not recommended for calling a Lambda function, because the Lambda custom integration is a legacy technology.


get_message_integration = apigateway.AwsIntegration(
  • service (str) – The name of the integrated AWS service (e.g. s3).

  • action (Optional[str]) – The AWS action to perform in the integration. Use actionParams to specify key-value params for the action. Mutually exclusive with path.

  • action_parameters (Optional[Mapping[str, str]]) – Parameters for the action. action must be set, and path must be undefined. The action params will be URL encoded.

  • integration_http_method (Optional[str]) – The integration’s HTTP method type. Default: POST

  • options (Optional[IntegrationOptions]) – Integration options, such as content handling, request/response mapping, etc.

  • path (Optional[str]) – The path to use for path-base APIs. For example, for S3 GET, you can set path to bucket/key. For lambda, you can set path to 2015-03-31/functions/${function-arn}/invocations Mutually exclusive with the action options.

  • proxy (Optional[bool]) – Use AWS_PROXY integration. Default: false

  • region (Optional[str]) – The region of the integrated AWS service. Default: - same region as the stack

  • subdomain (Optional[str]) – A designated subdomain supported by certain AWS service for fast host-name lookup.



Can be overridden by subclasses to allow the integration to interact with the method being integrated, access the REST API object, method ARNs, etc.


method (Method) –

Return type