class aws_cdk.aws_apigateway.RestApiBase(scope, id, *, cloud_watch_role=None, deploy=None, deploy_options=None, domain_name=None, endpoint_export_name=None, endpoint_types=None, fail_on_warnings=None, parameters=None, policy=None, rest_api_name=None, retain_deployments=None)

Bases: aws_cdk.core.Resource

Base implementation that are common to various implementations of IRestApi.

__init__(scope, id, *, cloud_watch_role=None, deploy=None, deploy_options=None, domain_name=None, endpoint_export_name=None, endpoint_types=None, fail_on_warnings=None, parameters=None, policy=None, rest_api_name=None, retain_deployments=None)
  • scope (Construct) –

  • id (str) –

  • cloud_watch_role (Optional[bool]) – Automatically configure an AWS CloudWatch role for API Gateway. Default: true

  • deploy (Optional[bool]) – Indicates if a Deployment should be automatically created for this API, and recreated when the API model (resources, methods) changes. Since API Gateway deployments are immutable, When this option is enabled (by default), an AWS::ApiGateway::Deployment resource will automatically created with a logical ID that hashes the API model (methods, resources and options). This means that when the model changes, the logical ID of this CloudFormation resource will change, and a new deployment will be created. If this is set, latestDeployment will refer to the Deployment object and deploymentStage will refer to a Stage that points to this deployment. To customize the stage options, use the deployOptions property. A CloudFormation Output will also be defined with the root URL endpoint of this REST API. Default: true

  • deploy_options (Optional[StageOptions]) – Options for the API Gateway stage that will always point to the latest deployment when deploy is enabled. If deploy is disabled, this value cannot be set. Default: - Based on defaults of StageOptions.

  • domain_name (Optional[DomainNameOptions]) – Configure a custom domain name and map it to this API. Default: - no domain name is defined, use addDomainName or directly define a DomainName.

  • endpoint_export_name (Optional[str]) – Export name for the CfnOutput containing the API endpoint. Default: - when no export name is given, output will be created without export

  • endpoint_types (Optional[List[EndpointType]]) – A list of the endpoint types of the API. Use this property when creating an API. Default: EndpointType.EDGE

  • fail_on_warnings (Optional[bool]) – Indicates whether to roll back the resource if a warning occurs while API Gateway is creating the RestApi resource. Default: false

  • parameters (Optional[Mapping[str, str]]) – Custom header parameters for the request. Default: - No parameters.

  • policy (Optional[PolicyDocument]) – A policy document that contains the permissions for this RestApi. Default: - No policy.

  • rest_api_name (Optional[str]) – A name for the API Gateway RestApi resource. Default: - ID of the RestApi construct.

  • retain_deployments (Optional[bool]) – Retains old deployment resources when the API changes. This allows manually reverting stages to point to old deployments via the AWS Console. Default: false

Return type



add_domain_name(id, *, certificate, domain_name, endpoint_type=None, security_policy=None)

Defines an API Gateway domain name and maps it to this API.

  • id (str) – The construct id.

  • certificate (ICertificate) – The reference to an AWS-managed certificate for use by the edge-optimized endpoint for the domain name. For “EDGE” domain names, the certificate needs to be in the US East (N. Virginia) region.

  • domain_name (str) – The custom domain name for your API. Uppercase letters are not supported.

  • endpoint_type (Optional[EndpointType]) – The type of endpoint for this DomainName. Default: REGIONAL

  • security_policy (Optional[SecurityPolicy]) – The Transport Layer Security (TLS) version + cipher suite for this domain name. Default: SecurityPolicy.TLS_1_0

Return type


add_gateway_response(id, *, type, response_headers=None, status_code=None, templates=None)

Adds a new gateway response.

  • id (str) –

  • type (ResponseType) – Response type to associate with gateway response.

  • response_headers (Optional[Mapping[str, str]]) – Custom headers parameters for response. Default: - no headers

  • status_code (Optional[str]) – Http status code for response. Default: - standard http status code for the response type.

  • templates (Optional[Mapping[str, str]]) – Custom templates to get mapped as response. Default: - Response from api will be returned without applying any transformation.

Return type


add_usage_plan(id, *, api_key=None, api_stages=None, description=None, name=None, quota=None, throttle=None)

Adds a usage plan.

  • id (str) –

  • api_key (Optional[IApiKey]) – ApiKey to be associated with the usage plan. Default: none

  • api_stages (Optional[List[UsagePlanPerApiStage]]) – API Stages to be associated with the usage plan. Default: none

  • description (Optional[str]) – Represents usage plan purpose. Default: none

  • name (Optional[str]) – Name for this usage plan. Default: none

  • quota (Optional[QuotaSettings]) – Number of requests clients can make in a given time period. Default: none

  • throttle (Optional[ThrottleSettings]) – Overall throttle settings for the API. Default: none

Return type


arn_for_execute_api(method=None, path=None, stage=None)

Gets the “execute-api” ARN.

  • method (Optional[str]) –

  • path (Optional[str]) –

  • stage (Optional[str]) –

Return type



Returns a string representation of this construct.

Return type



Returns the URL for an HTTP path.

Fails if deploymentStage is not set either by deploy or explicitly.


path (Optional[str]) –

Return type




API Gateway stage that points to the latest deployment (if defined).

If deploy is disabled, you will need to explicitly assign this value in order to set up integrations.

Return type



The first domain name mapped to this API, if defined through the domainName configuration prop, or added via addDomainName.

Return type



API Gateway deployment that represents the latest changes of the API.

This resource will be automatically updated every time the REST API model changes. This will be undefined if deploy is false.

Return type



The construct tree node associated with this construct.

Return type



The ID of this API Gateway RestApi.

Return type



The resource ID of the root resource.

attribute: :attribute:: true

Return type



Represents the root resource of this API endpoint (‘/’).

Resources and Methods are added to this resource.

Return type



The stack in which this resource is defined.

Return type


Static Methods

classmethod is_construct(x)

Return whether the given object is a Construct.


x (Any) –

Return type