class aws_cdk.aws_codedeploy.LambdaDeploymentConfig

Bases: object

A custom Deployment Configuration for a Lambda Deployment Group.

Note: This class currently stands as namespaced container of the default configurations until CloudFormation supports custom Lambda Deployment Configs. Until then it is closed (private constructor) and does not extend {@link cdk.Construct}

resource: :resource:: AWS::CodeDeploy::DeploymentConfig


ALL_AT_ONCE = <jsii._reference_map.InterfaceDynamicProxy object>
CANARY_10_PERCENT_10_MINUTES = <jsii._reference_map.InterfaceDynamicProxy object>
CANARY_10_PERCENT_15_MINUTES = <jsii._reference_map.InterfaceDynamicProxy object>
CANARY_10_PERCENT_30_MINUTES = <jsii._reference_map.InterfaceDynamicProxy object>
CANARY_10_PERCENT_5_MINUTES = <jsii._reference_map.InterfaceDynamicProxy object>
LINEAR_10_PERCENT_EVERY_10_MINUTES = <jsii._reference_map.InterfaceDynamicProxy object>
LINEAR_10_PERCENT_EVERY_1_MINUTE = <jsii._reference_map.InterfaceDynamicProxy object>
LINEAR_10_PERCENT_EVERY_2_MINUTES = <jsii._reference_map.InterfaceDynamicProxy object>
LINEAR_10_PERCENT_EVERY_3_MINUTES = <jsii._reference_map.InterfaceDynamicProxy object>

Static Methods

classmethod import_(_scope, _id, *, deployment_config_name)

Import a custom Deployment Configuration for a Lambda Deployment Group defined outside the CDK.

  • _scope (Construct) – the parent Construct for this new Construct.

  • _id (str) – the logical ID of this new Construct.

  • deployment_config_name (str) – The physical, human-readable name of the custom CodeDeploy Lambda Deployment Configuration that we are referencing.

return :rtype: ILambdaDeploymentConfig :return: a Construct representing a reference to an existing custom Deployment Configuration