class aws_cdk.aws_cognito.NumberAttribute(*, max=None, min=None, mutable=None)

Bases: object

The Number custom attribute type.

  • max (Union[int, float, None]) – Maximum value of this attribute. Default: - no maximum value

  • min (Union[int, float, None]) – Minimum value of this attribute. Default: - no minimum value

  • mutable (Optional[bool]) – Specifies whether the value of the attribute can be changed. For any user pool attribute that’s mapped to an identity provider attribute, you must set this parameter to true. Amazon Cognito updates mapped attributes when users sign in to your application through an identity provider. If an attribute is immutable, Amazon Cognito throws an error when it attempts to update the attribute. Default: false



Bind this custom attribute type to the values as expected by CloudFormation.

Return type