class aws_cdk.aws_ec2.AmazonLinuxImage(*, cpu_type=None, edition=None, generation=None, storage=None, user_data=None, virtualization=None)

Bases: aws_cdk.aws_ec2.GenericSSMParameterImage

Selects the latest version of Amazon Linux.

This Machine Image automatically updates to the latest version on every deployment. Be aware this will cause your instances to be replaced when a new version of the image becomes available. Do not store stateful information on the instance if you are using this image.

The AMI ID is selected using the values published to the SSM parameter store.

  • cpu_type (Optional[AmazonLinuxCpuType]) – CPU Type. Default: X86_64

  • edition (Optional[AmazonLinuxEdition]) – What edition of Amazon Linux to use. Default: Standard

  • generation (Optional[AmazonLinuxGeneration]) – What generation of Amazon Linux to use. Default: AmazonLinux

  • storage (Optional[AmazonLinuxStorage]) – What storage backed image to use. Default: GeneralPurpose

  • user_data (Optional[UserData]) – Initial user data. Default: - Empty UserData for Linux machines

  • virtualization (Optional[AmazonLinuxVirt]) – Virtualization type. Default: HVM



Return the image to use in the given context.


scope (Construct) –

Return type