Interface IIntermediateType

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EnumType, IIntermediateType.Jsii$Proxy, InputType, InterfaceType, ObjectType, UnionType

@Generated(value="jsii-pacmak/1.84.0 (build 5404dcf)", date="2023-06-19T16:30:49.518Z") @Stability(Experimental) public interface IIntermediateType extends
(experimental) Intermediate Types are types that includes a certain set of fields that define the entirety of your schema.
  • Method Details

    • getDefinition

      @Stability(Experimental) @NotNull Map<String,IField> getDefinition()
      (experimental) the attributes of this type.
    • getName

      @Stability(Experimental) @NotNull String getName()
      (experimental) the name of this type.
    • getDirectives

      @Stability(Experimental) @Nullable default List<Directive> getDirectives()
      (experimental) the directives for this object type.

      Default: - no directives

    • getInterfaceTypes

      @Stability(Experimental) @Nullable default List<InterfaceType> getInterfaceTypes()
      (experimental) The Interface Types this Intermediate Type implements.

      Default: - no interface types

    • getIntermediateType

      @Stability(Experimental) @Nullable default IIntermediateType getIntermediateType()
      (experimental) the intermediate type linked to this attribute (i.e. an interface or an object).

      Default: - no intermediate type

    • getResolvers

      @Stability(Experimental) @Nullable default List<Resolver> getResolvers()
      (experimental) The resolvers linked to this data source.
    • setResolvers

      @Optional default void setResolvers(@Nullable List<Resolver> value)
      (experimental) The resolvers linked to this data source.
    • addField

      @Stability(Experimental) void addField(@NotNull AddFieldOptions options)
      (experimental) Add a field to this Intermediate Type.

      options - This parameter is required.
    • attribute

      @Stability(Experimental) @NotNull GraphqlType attribute(@Nullable BaseTypeOptions options)
      (experimental) Create an GraphQL Type representing this Intermediate Type.

      options - the options to configure this attribute - isList - isRequired - isRequiredList.
    • attribute

      @Stability(Experimental) @NotNull GraphqlType attribute()
      (experimental) Create an GraphQL Type representing this Intermediate Type.
    • toString

      @Stability(Experimental) @NotNull String toString()
      (experimental) Generate the string of this object type.
      toString in class Object